The Exchange - buy and sell data

Like any regular exchange, trade making Bids and Asks. But on this exchange, you are bidding for data with granular properties. Do you want browsing histories, browsing themes, retentions, returning frequencies, usages time or other tabs/windows url? Do you want to obtain data from all users, a specific city, women, or the 90s generation? Everything is possible, except users fingerprinting, porn/adult related requests and requests leading to a very small population.


A practical example: A company wants to understand the needs and habits of Github users, in order to propose a tailored service to this market audience.

  • Bid: CHF 5.- per unit | other tabs (urls) opened when visiting | 1000 units (users) maximum over 30 days of usage | living in Europe
  • Ask: CHF 5.- | urls visited and urls association (tabs opened at the same time) those last 30 days | living in Europe

Another example: A startup proposes a new online service. A potential competitor wants to replicate the service, but also wants to ensure that the user retention is good enough to justify the investment.

  • Bid: CHF 5.- per unit | if you visited, did you come back to the website and when | 1000 units (users) maximum over 30 days of usage | living anywhere
  • Ask: CHF 5.- | visited, visited a second time or not | living in US

One more: A company wants to sell bags for women.

  • Bid: CHF 25.- per unit | bags websites visited | 100 units (users) maximum over 30 days of usage | living in Geneva
  • Ask: CHF 10.- | browsing history of the last 30 days | living in Geneva


Buyers can pay with CHF, Bitcoin (min. CHF 10'000), BNB or BonBon (not candies, our crypto currency). Sellers get paid in BonBon. Exchange your BonBon for stable coins on PancakeSwap, and for Euro/CHF/Dollar on any exchange.

Buyer must be a company and a representant. Seller must be an individual. Buyers and sellers have to complete a KYC verification, including an ID and a proof of residence. This for Anti-Money Laundering and safety reasons. Also, it reduces the risks of having bots creating data in the name of a human.

Payments, trades, and storage are executed through our infrastructures, in Zurich, Switzerland. Company is located in Geenva, Switzerland.

BonBon Exchange is not a high-frequency trading platform. BonBon Exchange process raw data from the sellers to increase it's quality and price, while connecting buyers and sellers without having to share their respective identities.

The data models are open source.

Data are deleted from our databases after each successful trade.

Data on BonBon Exchange is new. You cannot resell data on BonBon Exchange. You should not speculate on data value.

Buyers can consume the data, or add value and resell it. Doing market studies, for example.


5% paid by the buyer + 5% paid by the seller

Available Q4 2023.

BonBon Web Browser - collect data

Want to totally get rid of the big browsers and their policies? We developed an application for that. BonBon Web Browser is innovative, fast, and simple. Start gathering your own data in no time. How much do you Ask for it? You can sell the same data many times! Monetizing your data is completely optional. You can use the application with NO data being collected. It's open source.


Available today.

Hardware sensor - collect data

Integrate with your production line, or use plug and play sensors. For you car, your hair dryer, your store visitors counter. Cqpture data from any event, many objects. Are you a manufacturer? Contact us.

Availability depending on the success of the data exchange.

BonBon Chrome Extension - collect data

Don't let Google being the only one making money on your browsing habits. Install the Chrome extension (compatible with many browsers) and start gathering data.

Available in 2023.